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Windmill Apparel: Come create with us.

Windmill Apparel didn’t start as a business; we started as a passion. We started because we wanted to create something special, something meaningful- something that would standout instead of blending in.

That was 27 years ago. And though we’ve grown, our mission hasn’t changed: we still want to create something special, something meaningful- something to help you stand out instead of fading into the background.

Your message, your design, your personality, your passion all matter, and we want to help you showcase it. When you create with us, you are guaranteed to co-create with the success of decades; we personally work with our customers until they are satisfied with their message and product. If we won’t wear it, neither will you- which is why we supply reputable name brands like Nike, Adidas, and Carhart. And statements extend beyond fashion- if your message is bigger than a polo, we offer banners, pens, blankets, even umbrellas.

Because we are a family run company, we understand commitment and reality. We understand the push and pull of your day because it’s the same as ours. We know that practice runs late or the meeting ran over and you need to work with a company that can accommodate the real hours of your life; that’s us. We will stay until you need us to. Windmill Apparel is as committed as your local theatre troupe, and as close as your neighbor’s new born baby, but our designs are as far traveled as China.

We can’t wait to create with you. Jerri

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